8 Cool Projects You Can Have Done at Design Works

unt art centerA great resource for UNT students is Design Works. On the surface, Design Works is the Union’s print and design shop but they do a lot more than just prints and faxing.

Originally the UNT Art Center and specializing in ceramics in the 1970’s, the Art Center started doing more work with copy and print. That lead them to becoming a print shop and then with the rise of home computers, it further evolved into the boutique design studio it is today. Design Works has always been about being at the forefront of technology and meeting the needs of the UNT Community.

Design Works employs a student staff of talented designers and print shop assistants. (They’ll be hiring another shop assistant when they move into the #NewUNTUnion, so keep your eyes on the Eagle Network for the job posting.) As an added bonus, by getting your projects done at design works, you’re helping out UNT students. All of the shop’s profits get reinvested into improving Design Works’ services, as well as supporting other programming and services offered by the Union.

Here is a list of cool projects you can have done there.

Dorm Name Tags

Those dorm name tags experience some ware and tear, but they don’t always mesh up with what you like. Let’s be real. Nobody wants a Michelle Williams dorm name tag, even if your name is Michelle. Get a new one printed that’s more to your taste.

Next level option: Have one of the designers illustrate your face and become a coolest kid in the building with a one of a kind name tag.

dorm name tag


There are tons of printable calendars online get into. Get one printed giant size.

Next level option: Have the Design Works staff laminate that calendar and now you can dry erase marker to your hearts content!


Instagram Filter

It’s 2015 and parties have their own hashtag. Get your own custom Instagram filter created.

Next level option: Go the extra mile. Have them make some custom props.

instagram filter

Club Posters

Bring some attention to your student organization by advertising it IRL.

Next level option: Go with the 12 x 18 size and and get them made into lawn signs. You’ll hit a lot more people an there is less competition on the lawns then there is on the bulletin boards.

org posters


Get a banner made to for your club, a celebration, an intervention, or any occasion you like.

Next level option: Go with the vinyl option. It costs more than paper, but it’s far more durable and you’ll thank yourself if you’re planning to reuse it.



There’s a lot you can do with a cardboard cutout. Give it a kiss on the cheek or a big hug or freak your room mate out. Get a cutout made of yourself or your friend.

Next level option: Go bigger than life-size. You can have a cutout made up to 40 inches wide and 60 inches tall.


Invitations and Announcements

Get the invitations to your next event printed on campus. Not only will you save on printing costs, you can avoid shipping costs all together.

Next level option: Have one of their designers make it. The shop designers are young professionals that can create something uniquely you.
UNT Design Works Invites

Etsy Banner/ Web Banner

Have an Etsy shop or a website? Elevate your brand with a sharp looking web banners to match your snazzy wares.

Next level option: I have two words for you: animated gif.

animated making it rain

Design Works is located on the second floor of the#NewUNTUnion. and is open from 8:30 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday and will likely expand their hours in January 2016.