How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

This time of year can be stressful, especially for students. And while Thanksgiving may not seem like a “break,” the holiday provides lots of reasons to eat unhealthily. During the busiest part of the semester, unhealthy foods can really throw both your body and mind out of whack. To do best on finals and stay healthy during the holidays, we have some tips!

DON’T Diet on Thanksgiving

Just don’t do it. Give thanks and have a pig-out day. There are more important things than worrying about what one day’s worth of tasty foods will do to you. Also, there’s no way that one day will ruin a whole year’s worth of healthy living, so indulge yourself. Some people recommend adding some extra cardio to your routine to burn off some of that turkey, but a brisk walk should be enough to keep your body moving. Either way, don’t stress about it. Enjoy time with family/friends/your textbooks and chill out.
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Eat Leftovers Sparingly

Every college student loves leftovers. But remember how sleepy you felt after eating all that turkey? Science shows that turkey contains tryptophan, which in large quantities, actually does make you sleepy. Feeling sleepy and sluggish is the last thing you want while you’re studying. Eating all the holiday treats on one day is okay, but continuing to eat the same heavy foods throughout the week might really mess with your productivity and make you sluggish. Since Thanksgiving falls days before the hardest couple of weeks in the fall semester, it makes sense to fuel your body with the right foods, instead of filling it with heavy leftovers.

Get Back on Track

Nobody is perfect, and the holidays are an extra-tempting time of year when it comes to sweets and treats. If you fall off the wagon, try to get back on it. Make a conscious effort to visit Chopt, the new Union’s build-your-own salad bar, or pile more veggies on your plate. Eating healthy may seem hard when you’re stressed and tired, but there are many options close to campus that will fulfill your need to get a little extra veggies or lighter foods in your diet. The new Union features plenty of options to help you make better, fresher eating choices.


School Comes First

You might have to remind your parents of your busy school schedule during Thanksgiving break. One of our biggest tips for staying (mentally) healthy is to use the short Thanksgiving break to catch up on things you might be behind on. Assignments start piling up around this time of year, and the best way to not freak out about them is to stay on top of your school work. Take breaks inbetween your favorite football games and devote some time to your studies. It’s a great way to be thankful you go to the BEST SCHOOL EVER. The last thing you want to do on Thanksgiving is homework, but come finals week, you sure will be glad you got it done.