More Things in the New UNT Union to Get Excited About

We are just days away from the official opening of the #NewUNTUnion. If you got excited from  9 Reasons to Get Excited for the New UNT Union, then now is the time to get even more excited! The Union will be opening on November the 11th 9th.

It’s Actually Opening (Early)

UNT Student Government Association let the cat out of the bag, so let’s get this out of the way. The University is keeping their word and the  #NewUNTUnion will be opening as promised in Fall 2015. The opening date is now 2 days ahead of the November 11th, 2015 date and will be opening on Monday morning, Nov. 9th.

Less Construction Mess

There will always be construction mess, it’s a consequence of a campus that’s being constantly updated, but the #NewUNTUnion being opened means that there will be significantly less construction on campus. Fewer chain length fence areas blocking your path across campus. Less loose dirt soiling your shoes. No more big blue walls blocking your precious Union. It’s finally here.


Bus Drop Off

No longer will be a west-side-of-campus bias with the buses. The opening of the #NewUNTUnion means the reopening of the bus stops. You can save time by being dropped off at a more centralized location on campus.

New Nap Spots

It’s not a secret that UNT students need more sleep, but the new UNT Union presents you with more options to do so. Chill or take a full on nap in one of the many new areas of the UNT Union. There’s even a meditation room for you to use!

TV Watching Spot

Why wait for a TV show to air on Hulu the next day? Have a live experience with other people that enjoy the same show on campus! Before live tweeting, there was shared commentary with other people on the couch. Surprisingly, watching TV can be a social activity. Experience that in the new UNT Union.

Syndicate Dance Parties

Pump up the jam. Pump it up while you feet are stompin’ and the jam is pumpin’. Pump it up a little more. Get the party going on the dance floor. The new UNT union will have a dance space and a fully functioning ball room.
odd parents dance

New Perspective Drawing Options For Art Students

Drawing 1 students rejoice! Your options around campus have expanded. You now have a whole new building with 4 whole levels to draw your line drawing for class in.

No More STUB

That’s right–when the New UNT Union goes up, the STUB will be going down. The STUB will be torn down and the space will be converted into more green space. Because at UNT, we Mean Green.

Art Gallery

There will now be another place for all of the talented artists at UNT to showcase their work. The Art Gallery provides an opportunity for students to see other student’s work, but it also is a beautiful addition to campus.
ferris bueller MUSeum

The Lab Bands Are Back

That’s right! With the New UNT Union the proud tradition of the One O’Clock Lab band providing live ambient music for the rest of the UNT population. The One O’Clock Lab Band is a 69-year-old UNT tradition, and a great one at that. Listen to some of the best jazz musicians in the country, while taking a break in-between classes or grabbing lunch. The UNT One O’Clock Lab band has 6 Grammy nominations and counting!

What are you most excited about for the #NewUNTUnion? Tweet us @unt_union with your favorite new features! See you Monday, Nov. 9th!!!