Why Students Need To Get More Sleep

Alright UNT, we know that school is exhausting, but how many of you actually get your recommended eight hours of sleep a night? Most people, not just college students struggle with catching enough Zzzs. Here are some important facts about sleep and some important tips about how to get more or better quality sleep.

During the day:

Get exercise

Working out during the day will give you more energy (YAY ENDORPHINS) and make you more tired by night-time. The Rec Center offers a wide variety of exercise machines and even group exercise classes, but if you can’t fit that into your busy day, at least try to devotes some time to walking or biking  around campus. Try to get your exercise in before dark, or you may have trouble winding down before bed.

Go out in the sun

Vitamin D exposure is good for you, but the sun also helps your circadian clock know when it’s day and when it’s night. Getting out in the sun is not only good for you.

Check out our Pinterest

On Pinterest, The UNT Union has lots of nutrition tips, including those about getting more sleep.

At night:


UNT’s new union will feature a meditation room, but until then, try to get your OMMMS in before bed to help relax your mind and help you calm down for a restful night of sleep.

Turn down your AC

Colder temperatures have been shown to help lull you to sleep, so just before bed, try to get your thermostat down between 70 and 65 degrees for maximum Zzzs.

Avoid caffeine before bedtime

Some experts say that insomniacs or others who struggle sleeping shouldn’t drink caffeine after noon, but most college students might find that a little daunting. Instead, limit your caffeine after 5 or 6, if possible, and it might help you fall asleep around a normal time, instead of keeping you wired till the wee hours of the morning.

Put away your electronics

This is asking a lot of millenials who love to lay in bed with their phones, but all that technology can be really stimulating and actually keep you awake instead of help you fall asleep. We know it sounds crazy, but put your phone and other electronics away at lest 30 minutes before you go to sleep, that way your mind is as relaxed as you are.

Don’t drink before bed

Seriously. While alcohol may make you sleepy, it disrupts REM sleep, which you REALLY need if you want to wake up feeling rested.

Getting enough sleep can help you:

Get better grades

8+ hours of sleep can help your memory and help you retain all that you study. So, instead of staying up all night cramming, study before bed, get lots of sleep, and then re-visit your notes when you wake up. You’ll remember a lot more that way, and you won’t be grouchy.

Lose weight

People who sleep more eat less. Also, being tired can create cravings for unhealthy foods like sugar and caffeinated beverages. Instead, get more sleep so you won’t want all of those nasty food additives.

Be happier

Lack of sleep can lead to depression. If you are having these issues and more sleep isn’t making it better, please make an appointment with our counseling services. If not, hopefully some extra shut eye will keep you happy and healthy.

Hopefully these tips will help you feel a little more rested. If not, Club Willis is open 24/7, so you can always get some extra studying done instead. 😉