Things to Do Before Summer Ends Officially

Class may be in session and Starbucks and the grocery stores are already pushing Pumpkin flavored everything on us, but summer doesn’t officially end until the September 23rd. With the remaining days of summer, we’ve come up with a list of things to do to before summer officially ends and fall begins.


Take one last dip in the lake or trip to the water park before they close up shop and the weather makes an out door dip in the water a health hazard.


Take a trip out into the woods for all that fresh air your mother and doctor are always telling you about. Maybe it’ll be good for you.


Spread out a blanket with friends and enjoy a meal outside.

Chill Outside

Just chill outdoors and enjoy that vitamin D. Maybe go out on an adventure.

Ice Cream

A great sweet treat to enjoy while it’s still hot outside.

Shaved Ice

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: shaved ice is a great way to keep cool.
Shaved Ice

Iced Coffee

Do you really want to be drinking iced coffee in sweater weather? Yeah, didn’t think so. Cool down and decaffeinate yourself with one drink. It’s called multitasking.


The smoky favor of an outdoor grill can not be beat.


The sun sets later during the summer. Enjoy an evening with the sun before Daylight Savings Time comes into effect on November 1st and you’re entering your class in blazing sun and leaving your class and walking out into the dark.
thats so raven sunglasses

Tank Top Without Judgement

A great thing about summer time is that you can wear a tank top to class without people thinking you just rolled out of bed. Come on, sun’s out, guns out!tank top street suns out guns out

Fall officially begins on September 23rd, go out and make those final days of summer count.