9 Tips for Your First Day of Class at UNT

The Fall 2015 semester is officially here. To help get your year off on the right foot, we have 9 Tips for Your First Day of Class at UNT. Here is some advice from UNT sophomores and above to make your college life better.

Dress the Part

Look cute and feel cute. The right outfit can set the tone for you. Studies have shown that your outfit can affect your attitude and confidence. Dress well for 1) yourself, 2) your professor (You really want their first impression of you to be of you in pajama pants?) and 3) you might have an attractive classmate to impress. Remember: it’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.


Eat (or Bring Snacks)

The thirst is real and so is the hunger. It’s hard to concentrate when you’re hungry, so eat before class or bring in a snack. Visit one of the best breakfast places in Denton or take something to class. You’ll concentrate so much better when you’re not starving. You’ll probable be more pleasant to be around too. Most professors don’t care one way or another if you’re munching on something while they’re lecturing, so take advantage of the freedom and snack on!


Silence Your Phone (and Your Computer)

Save yourself the embarrassment. Put your phone on vibrate or silent. Don’t be that person who’s Rihanna ringtone goes off in he middle of class. You’ll be judged HARD on your musical taste by your fellow students. Yeah, you with the Gangnam Style ringtone, I’m calling you out. It’s also recommended that you mute anything else that you wouldn’t want everybody in class hearing.


Read The Syllabus

You’re in college. Read your syllabus. It’ll tell you the pertinent information like your professor’s name, contact information, office location, office hours, name of the course, the course and section number, meeting days/times, a description of the course, and its learning objectives — in other words, what you can expect to know and what’s expected of you by the end of the semester. This also includes information about the textbook, quiz and test dates, as well as due dates for readings, written assignments, and projects. The syllabus may also include descriptions, instructions, and how-tos for assignments.


Paper and Pen

We’re moving closer and closer to a digital society, but we aren’t there yet. You might want to take old school notes and get the information into your brain from the tactile sensation of moving your pen across paper. Plus, your professor might ask you to fill in a sign-in attendance sheet or turn in an pop quiz. It’s light weight and pretty compact. Do it.


Introduce yourself to your professor

It’s seems super nerdy or like you’re trying to kiss up, but it’s useful for your professor to know who you are. Let them make the connection with your face and the stellar work you turn in. You may need to ask a favor or a reference later and it’s useful if you’re known by name rather than “always drinking a caramel macchiato” in the 5th row.


Make a Class Friend

You’re going to want a friend when taking classes. If you don’t happen to know anybody going in, then the first few classes are the time to make them. A class friend doesn’t have to be somebody you necessarily socialize with outside of class, but they are useful if you need somebody to take notes for you, share your thoughts with about the day’s assignment, or team up with on a group project.


Just Go to the Bathroom

Don’t be that person that disrupts the class by raising his or her hand to ask the professor for permission to go to the bathroom. You’re an adult. You’re trusted to come to class and to handle your own bowels. Just get up, handle your business, and come back.


Go to Class

Seriously, why does this even need to be said? Pop quizzes and attendance checks are a thing. Plus, you are (or somebody close to you is) paying for these classes. Go. Get your money’s worth. Your GPA will thank you.