6 Tips for Freshmen Living at UNT

Get to know your roommate and how to respect each other

Moving into a dorm is a daunting experience for EVERYONE, remember that you’re all is in the same boat, so try and be understanding to everyone you meet. Your roommate specifically, is somebody you should try to get along with. You will be living with this person for the better part of a year, so it is best to be on good terms with him or her and not seeing each other through imaginary crosshairs. Discuss how you’re going to handle things like cleaning, food, having people over, when lights or screens need to be shutdown, and a code for “entertaining a guest.” Talking about this before hand will save you headaches in the future. Remember to not let resentment fester. Talking it out, so you don’t have a blow up.


Use Rate My Professor

Not all professors at UNT are in the running for a #1 teacher mug. Take some advice from students who have been through the class. RateMyProfessor.com is like Yelp for college professors. When making or revising your class schedule, take into account these ratings. There may be a reason a class has so few students enrolled or has a wait list. Keep in mind that not all students are in the running for #1 student mugs either.


Get to know your surroundings

Knowing the locations of buildings on campus like the student union, library, computer labs, and cafeterias will make your life on campus so much easier. Consider doing a dry run of your class schedule a few days before. Find out where your class room is and the bike rack. There is construction going on, so the route you though you could take might not actually be accessible. Please don’t be that person that comes into class 20 minute late, disrupts everybody and then has to crawl over 6 people to take a seat.


Go to class

It’s seems obvious, but it needs to be said: GO TO CLASS …even the introduction first day. 1) You’re paying for it, so it’s a waste of money not to attend. 2) College isn’t like high school, so there is a strong chance you’ll be given more than a syllabus and asked more than about what you did over summer.


Get your school supplies early

UNT has over 36,000 students enrolled. Take a minute to consider how many people are actually living on campus. With everybody buying books at the campus book store, ordering books online, and having them delivered at the same time. Even with extra staff, the lines at the bookstore and campus post office get to a Black Friday (or a poorly managed Walmart) level bad. Save yourself the time and hassle by getting your books and other school supplies early. If you’re worried about potentially buying a book not needing it, most stores have a refund policy if you return it within two weeks.


Join a student organization

Student organizations on campus are a great way to meet new people and pump up your resume. There is a healthy Greek life at UNT, but if a fraternity or sorority is not for you, there are many other options to socialize and get involved. Interested in rescuing feral cats? There is an organization for that. Anime? There is an organization for that. Social media? There is an organization for that.  Plus, there are major specific organizations. Advertising major? There’s an Advertising Club. Engineering? There’s the Society of Women Engineers. Cultural identity? There’s a Filipino Student Organization. No matter your interest, there’s a group for you. Check out OrgSync for an official list of student organizations at UNT.