What You Forgot To Pack for Your Freshmen Year at UNT

Phone charger and cables. The struggle is real. Avoid the tragedy and anxiety of a dead or dying phone, by having multiple ways to charge them.

out_of_place_legally_blondeDress clothes. From a professional standpoint, career fairs are a common occurrence on the UNT campus. From a social standpoint, fraternities and sororities have formals.  Even if you don’t join Greek life yourself, you may unexpectedly get invited to attend a Greek event. Save yourself the embarrassment of showing up to an event underdressed.

Laptop. Desktops are great, but not very portable. If you’re buying a new laptop, you can pick one up with your student discount from the new Apple campus store, The Mainframe, located in the UNT Union.

Air freshener. Yeah, other people’s smells don’t always stay in their rooms or the hallways. Since candles and plug in air fresheners aren’t permitted and a bowl of potpourri isn’t very practical in a dorm room, it’s the next best option.

Dry erase board. There is a reason they are on every college packing list.

Rain gear. Texas was just had it’s wettest May on record and even if we don’t break that record, you’ll appreciate having it.

orange-is-the-new-black-shoesShower shoes. Communal bathrooms in dorms get a lot of traffic and can be a petri dish. You’re rolling the dice walking in there barefoot. Get some shower shoes, flip-flops, or you technically could go Orange is the New Black DIY Piper Chapman and creates a pair of makeshift shower shoes from maxipads, but I don’t recommend it.

Shower caddy. Speaking of communal bathrooms, you can’t leave your products hanging around. Not to mention juggling bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash and other stuff is cumbersome and something inevitably gets left behind.

Mattress bag. UNT has been bed bug free for 5 years, but you’re not the first person to be using your mattress. It’s well worth the few dollars to put your mind at ease.

Clorox wipes. You don’t know how clean or dirty the last person who had your room was.

Medicine. For headaches, soreness and whatever, you’ll want a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen/Advil/Motrin. Tums and Pepto-Bismol might be a smart idea too. For anything more serious, UNT’s Student Health Center is available 5 days of the week in Chestnut Hall. Just FYI, you can get free condoms from the UNT Condom Club program… you know… for a friend.

invented-post-itsCommand Strips. Avoid being charged for putting holes in your walls with the help of 3M’s greatest creation after the Post It notes.

Power strip. Outlets are a precious resource. Don’t force yourself to chose between your devices. Just don’t daisy chain them. It’s a fire hazard.

Task lighting. All the lighting is overhead and is either on or off. Also, listen to your mother, she’s been known to be right, and don’t strain your eyes when you’re reading.

Mini fridge. UNT allows it and it’s refreshing to have cold drinks and a few snacks on demand.

Snacks. The $1.25 per bag of Funyons (named by UNT Professor Jim Albright, just FYI) can add up quickly. Save yourself some cash by keeping your own snacks on hand.

Sewing kit. Even if you don’t know how to sew, being able to mend a rip or reattach a button is a useful skill. Make it workTim-gunn-make-it-work!

Mop. You can check out vacuum cleaners at UNT, but when you want to really remove remove the grime, you’ll need something stronger.

Headphones. Sometimes you’ll want or need to tune out the world.

House shoes. Again, linoleum floors leave something to be desired.

TV. The UNT dorms offer free basic cable TV. Take advantage by bringing your own TV. Make it pull double duty and have it act as a computer monitor too.

bufferingEthernet cable. Wireless is available in every building on the UNT campus, but a steady connection when you’re doing something like streaming a movie can help you avoid buffering.

Gaming station. Nobody expects you to be studying all the time. Plus, at the UNT Media Library in Chilton Hall, you can check out movies, Playstation, XBox, and Wii Games.

Bike/Logboard/Scooter. UNT is a large campus and while there are free buses that run around campus, they may not be the fastest route to your destination.

Fan. Dorm rooms don’t have individual thermostats, so to be comfortable, you’ll need to find ways to make adjustments yourself.

Area rug. Linoleum flooring might be practical, but it lacks comfort. Add some coziness back to your space with a plush rug.

Blanket. Coziness is good. You can give yourself extra warmth when needed and don’t be that person that brings a comforter to the lobby to watch TV.

reddit-noodle-coffeeCoffee Maker. Places on campus proudly serve Starbucks and the new UNT Union will have a full service Starbucks, but none of them are 24 hours. Plus, coffee pots don’t necessarily have to be for coffee. College is about learning. Flex your Top Chef creativity with what can be done with a coffee pot.

Bathing suit. Not only does UNT’s Pohl Recreational Center have a pool, they offer Dive-In Movies. No, that’s not a typeo. A Dive-In movie is where you can enjoy a movie in the leisure pool with your fellow students. Check the UNT calendar for Dive-In movie details.

Fly swatter. Pest happens and an unfortunate consequence to print media dying is that you don’t always have a newspaper or magazine to swat it with and trying to use your textbook or table isn’t recommended.

Curtain/Room Divider/Partition. I’m sure you and your roommate will be fine, but sometimes you just need a little privacy.