Squatters in the new UNT Union

We have some news to report. A recent discovery has been made, revealing there have been a group of students squatting in the Union construction zone because of their excitement over the upcoming Union.

Construction workers noticed palette like beds around the building and saw that some things had been moved around. The crew arrived early one day and saw students walking around the building and using its unfinished facilities as if the building was actually open.

“It was quite a weird sight to see,” said a construction crew member. “I didn’t really know what to make of it, I just kind of stared at them for a while.”

The students have been reported to be visiting the location of the new Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in the Syndicate and enjoying drinks at the Starbucks and Jamba Juice that have yet to be finished.

“They actually think the Union is open,” said another construction worker. “In their heads they are seeing the fully finished building.”

A group of students created classes as well. One is the teacher and the rest are students. They have class every day in the new Lyceum Theater. Some other students formed a band and were putting on shows on the One O’clock  stage in the Syndicate, while some others went shopping in the Barnes and Noble bookstore.

We are extremely flattered that a group of students are this excited about the new UNT Union, but the students are breaking multiple rules and regulations. They are untrained and it’s dangerous for them to be in the construction site; so we urge you to NOT join this group of students. These students are just so passionate about the building, that they refuse to leave. If you have any further information regarding these students and who they are please reach out and contact us.

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