Welcome Back 2k15

Another year, another semester here at UNT. Get ready students, because this semester and year is going to be awesome!

To start off, our friends over at Fine Arts Series have some amazing events planned this year, and in case you didn’t know, they are free for students. Head over to their website to get more information and dates. They are bringing in people like Laverne Cox to Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann, and more.

Our other friends at UPC are also putting on some great events for students, as usual. They never let us down. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates on their events!

In other news, the Union Garage that was closed down for a while for maintenance is now open again!

You also may have noticed the new Union changed a lot over break! It’s really starting to take form and before we all know it the outside will be done and the construction crew will go on to finish the inside. In fact the crane that has been up working on the building since the beginning is coming down February 6-8!

And keep an eye out for Union news because there are a lot of exciting things we will be revealing this semester! We hope you are all as excited for the new building as we are.