10 Things to Avoid During Finals Week

Want to ace your finals? Then avoid these pitfalls.

1) Do not start a new show on Netflix during finals week. Gilmore Girls will wait until break.







2) Do not decide you all  of a sudden want to break your coffee addiction the week before finals.








3) Avoid all nighters at all costs! Sleep is important!










4) Avoid fights with your significant other during finals week.

emperors new clothes







5) Dancing at the club all night before a final is probably not the best idea.

21 jump dancing






6) Don’t buy a new video game during finals week.








7) Don’t get distracted by social media!

kaylee cuocu whatever







8) Don’t forget to back up your files! Don’t let that 30 page research paper or final review accidentally get deleted when your computer inevitably crashes.

smashing computer








9) Don’t forget to take a break. You deserve some me time!







10) Don’t forget to keep your cool. It will all be over soon!