How the Union Tweets

Lately, we’ve had a lot of questions about the Union’s social media and who runs it and sends all the messages. Though it may be hard to believe, the Union building has actually developed the ability to manipulate social media, to an extent, and is communicating with the students. It actually constructed most of this response.

Over the past few months during the construction, the Union has missed having students roaming its halls and spending time in its facilities. And with the renovation, the Union has become self aware. Now, at night when all the students are asleep and the construction workers have gone home, the building spells out messages with scraps of metal and building debris. They are messages and announcements and information the building wants the students to know. The Union just misses the students and doesn’t want them to forget about it.

In the morning, when the construction team comes back to work on the building, they find the messages the Union constructed and make sure the students get the messages. The Union would Tweet and Instagram itself, but it doesn’t have opposable thumbs, which makes it difficult to type.

Building problems, am I right?

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The Union loves you.