New Union Construction Photos

Recently, members of the Union marketing team had the opportunity to go into the Union Construction zone to see the progress of the building. While they were in the building they wanted to take as many photos as possible to give all of you an opportunity to see how the Union was coming along. You can all see the walls on the outside, but check out these photos for a sneak peak as to what the inside is looking like.



This is a view of the brand new two level Syndicate! There is going to be the One O’Clock Stage, lots of TV screens and interactive features.




These are photos of the main hallway of the new Union! Unlike the old building, the new one will be much easier to navigate!




Did you tag the beam that’s in the new Union? Check out this up close photo of all of the signatures on the beam!




Check out these awesome views from the roof of the Union!



These are the bones of the new info desk that is going to be on the main floor of the building!

changed_11This is going to be part of the new bookstore! The poles you see there are from the Campus Chat in the old building.

Keep checking back for more updates on the new building! For more pictures, visit our Facebook.