New Union Spaces and Places

Have you seen the Union lately? It’s coming together! Before we all know it, walls will be going up and we will be in the new space!

There have been a lot of developments with the new Union lately! Our old Union was great and wonderful, but the new Union is taking it to the next level, and we wanted to give you the inside scoop about what’s going to be in the new building. Check out these awesome spaces and places in the new Union.

Meditation room
Need a quiet place to destress and relax? The meditation room will be the perfect space. With serene artwork this will be a calming place away from class and projects and tests.

Rooftop garden
Whether you want to relax, study or just hang out with friends, the roof top garden will be the perfect location. Located on top of the new Syndicate, the roof top garden will feature native Texas trees and a water conservation system.

Dance room
Are you a professional ballet dancer? Or do you and your friends just like to groove to some catchy tunes? Either way, the new Union has a place for you. There will be a dance room available to reserve that will have wood floors and mirrors to fill your dancing needs.

Lactation room
It’s very important for women to have a place in which they feel comfortable to breast feed or pump. Keys will be available to check out to use the rooms.

Hope you are as excited for these new spaces as we are! Check back here or check out our new web series, Behind the Fence, for updates about the new Union!