UNT Acronyms

Welcome to the family new Eagles! We all know it’s a little bit difficult diving into a brand new culture, especially here at UNT where it seems there are acronyms for everything!

So to aid in your understanding of UNT and the campus, we’ve provided a list of all of the UNT acronyms and nicknames here!


STUB- Stovall Temporary Union Building

GAB- General Academic Building

EESAT- Environmental Education, Science & Technology Building, Environmental Science Building. Not to be confused with the Life Science building.

ESSC- Eagle Student Service Center

BLB- Business Leadership Building

DP- Discovery Park



UPC- University Program Council

OTP- Orientation & Transition Programs

SGA- Student Government Association

CLS- Center for Leadership & Service

NT40- North Texas 40

FAS- Fine Arts Series (now named the Mary Jo & V. Lane Rawlins Fine Arts Series)

GSC- Graduate Student Council

SMMC- Student Money Management Center

SHWC- Student Health & Wellness Center

DSA- Division of Student Affairs



RTVF- Radio, Television, Film

CMHT- College of Merchandising, Hospitality & Tourism

COB- College of Business

If you know of any that we haven’t listed, please comment and tell us below!