The Onstead Promenade

You may have noticed through administrative emails or department social media accounts, that people have been discussing this thing called the Onstead Promenade.

Well here’s a little fun fact for the day, the Onstead Promenade is actually the Library Mall.

Library Mall

The Onstead Promenade received its name from Charles and Jody Onstead who are UNT alum that attended UNT in the ‘40s. They care a lot about UNT and always wanted to give students more space to hang out and relax on the middle of campus.

So, the Onsteads donated funds to pay for the renovation of the Library Mall that took place in 2004-2005. At that point the University named the area we know as the Library Mall as the Onstead Promenade in honor of Charles and Jody for providing a beautiful part of campus that students get to enjoy every day.

Now, many organizations and departments are using the Onstead Promenade name in order to pay tribute to and honor Charles and Jody for their generous donation to campus.  Let’s continue on the great tradition Jody and Charles set for the campus!

So now you know, the Library Mall is actually the Onstead Promenade!