You Still Have a Home

Welcome to February UNT! This semester is finally in full swing and the campus is alive and crazy. If you walk around campus or follow us on social media, you may have seen photos and posters of what you can do in the STUB!

Even though the Union is under construction, Stovall Temporary Union Building (STUB) still has endless resources for students just like the Union would. There are still areas for students to relax, study and play games. Students can still do their banking at Wells Fargo and the ATMs and mail packages at Eagle Express. Design Works offers faxing, design and print services. You can still visit the Dean of Students office or the Multicultural Center or SGA.

In the STUB you can still have a home.


Now you know! The STUB is here to fulfill any of the needs you might have while the Union is under construction. But we want to know what your favorite thing about the STUB is! So Tweet at us and you might just be able to win a free t-shirt!