Union Relocation: Station #4

Over the next couple of weeks you may notice construction fences going up or workers drilling and working at various spots around campus. This all just means construction for the new Union will begin soon and we will be on our way to a facelift for campus!

This week’s relocation information is about the Campus Chat that is currently on the first level of the Union.

chatThe Campus Chat is the most popular venue for students to grab some lunch or a quick snack during the day. Rest assured that when the Union is under construction the beloved food court will not disappear. In fact, the Chat will be relocated just a few feet from the Union construction site.

The temporary Chat will be located in the North Commons in between the International Students Building and Sage Hall. It will be a 6,000 square foot modular space with all of the food options students have in the current Union. Catering will be absorbed into existing food services functions elsewhere on campus.

For more information and a timeline of construction please visit the Union Master Plan website!