Throwback Thursday #7

This semester is almost over, and pretty soon construction on the new Union is going to start. The Then and Now photos have been a celebration of everything the Union has done for the UNT campus as we transition into a new beginning for the Union.

This last and final photo was taken in the mid-1980s on the 3rd floor of the Union looking down at the Union Courtyard. Students are gathered around on all levels to hear some of UNTs famous jazz music. And that is something that hasn’t changed over time. Architecturally speaking a few things have changed in the Courtyard and around the Union, yet even still today students gather around to hear impromptu performances by UNT musicians. Students have made memories, such as the ones in these pictures, in the Union over the years and will continue to do so throughout our transition phase and in the new Union.

Then and Now 7

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