Union Relocation: Station #3

Planning for the new Union continues on, but for now here is some more information about where things will be relocated while we are in a transition period between Unions.

This week’s information is about the University Bookstore in the Union.

The University Bookstore is an important part everyday life for UNT students. From UNT gear to school supplies to books, the bookstore provides daily needs for students. Like all other resources in the current Union, the bookstore is being relocated on campus to make sure students have access to its benefits.bookstore

The temporary bookstore will be located at the Northwest corner of Avenue C and Chestnut near McConnell Hall and Bruce.

The temporary building will be a 20,000 square foot pressurized tent structure. It will house everything that is in the current bookstore in the Union until the new Union is finished.

Keep checking back here every Wednesday for more relocation information.

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