Throwback Thursday #5

It’s Throwback Thursday! We are fast approaching the middle of the semester which means the time we have in the current Union is ticking away. To remember our Union for all it has done for this campus here is the Then and Now photo from this month originally taken in the 1980s.

This photo was taken in the Avesta listening lounge where students could sit down and study while lisening to records that where provided for them before iPods and MP3 players became popular. The space is now part of the bookstore where students can buy school supplies, books, computers and software. And the Avesta name lived on through the restaurant on the 2nd level.Though the space has changed dramatically over the past 30 years, the same old fire place is still intact for students to enjoy and relax by.

Then and Now Bookstore

As always please check back soon for more Union events and Master Plan updates!