The New Union: An Artistic Expression

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”- Aristotle

Art is going to play a big role in the new Union inspiring students and staff and telling the stories of UNT. The Union Master Plan Project has arrived at the stage to hammer out the details concerning art in the new Union.

Monday November 5 the Art in Public Places Committee met with students and faculty to talk about what art projects should be included in the new Union. Because a percentage of the budget has been set aside solely for art, it is important that it reflects what the students are looking for.

Barbara Goldstein, public art direction for the City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs, took time to speak at the meeting. She showed examples of large-scale projects (such as the eCloud sculpture) that she has helped with to give the group an idea of what is possible in a building like the new Union.

One of the important things for everyone to keep in mind during this process is that the new Union is going to reflect the history of UNT and all that it has accomplished and look forward to what it will accomplish in the future. These kinds of stories can be told through the art in the new building.

Whether it is large-scale pieces, small pieces scattered throughout, or a combination of both, art in the new Union will reflect the accomplishments and future goals of the university.

It’s Your Union, Your Voice. So let us know what you think! What kind of pieces would you like to see in the new Union? Or are there any artists you feel would represent the stories we want to tell?

To see some of the work Barbara Goldstein has done in the City of San Jose, visit

And as always, keep checking back right here for more information about the Union Master Plan Project!