The New Union: Shaping the Brand

Do not fret ladies and gentlemen of UNT, the Union Master Plan Committee has been hard at work with Perkins+Will again this week. For those of you who are just now catching up, Perkins+Will has been the group to be at our side every step of the way through the process of building the new Union and they continue to do so.

This week the Union Master Plan Committee and Perkins+Will discussed in more detail the branding of the new Union and the stories the UNT community wants to tell through the Union.

The design team, based on input from UNT students, has come up with different stories that they want to be told throughout the new Union. These include:

–          History of UNT
–          History of Spirit & Traditions
–          History of the Union
–          Alumni Success Stories
–          Student Projects, Innovation, Research
–          Student Access and Success
–          Untold Stories of UNT
–          Academic Story

Another discussion during the meeting was how these stories and messages are going to be displayed. The consensus was to do this through a design standpoint. While the finite details are still to be hammered out, the basis is that in some way shape or form these stories will be a centerpiece of the new Union. Whether they are showcased at entrances, at the info desk or along the main corridors, the stories of UNT will be boldly told.

The new Union also wants to pay special attention to the past of UNT. Acknowledging accomplishments of students, faculty, and alumni is important to display in order to inspire excellence for all those who walk through the door.

Tone of voice is something being taken into consideration as well. What tone do we want the new Union to take? What tone do we want these stories to reflect? Research on the part of the design team and further collaborative planning will find a balance between something fun and genuine and brief and to the point to keep the Union timeless, but inspirational.

Branding and planning continues to develop to create the persona we want the new Union to take.

“University Union brand experience expresses a spirit that transcends backgrounds, circumstances and time.  Together, we imagine opportunities, both bold and understated, that inspire greatness.  Collectively, WE tell the story – we are UNT’s unique voice.”

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