Meet Xavier Carson – Union Master Plan Junior Co-chair

Hi my name is Xavier Carson and I will be a sophomore at UNT in the fall. I’m very humbled as well as excited to be your junior co-chair for the Union Master Plan as UNT is a place that I am very passionate about. Last week I had a chance to sit in our first schematic design meeting. This meeting was an informative one that gave us details on the timeline and schedule of how we will actually be designing the union. Right now I would say we have the tools needed to create the best possible union.  Everyone from the architects to committee members is ready to get this project off paper and visible on campus!

Beck/Warrior Group was introduced as our construction team. They were very friendly and willing to hear any and all student input. I’m looking forward to them taking part as they help us grow and improve the University of North Texas. Throughout the meeting, we had a few key points that came up such as parking, spirit & traditions, entrances, organizational location, and the Syndicate. These are all very important features of the new union and through our master plan committee, we will do our best to make sure these are student-centered and offer the best for you!

The architects of Perkins + Will informed us that it could take as many as three tries to get the union design concept just right when it comes to all the student input that will be given over the next few months. The remainder of the summer will bring additional schematic design meetings. These are very involved and really require good knowledge of the building and what students want. Through helpful insight from faculty, staff, student committee members and you, we will be bringing what is now just an outline into a full-fledged design and model of what will be the new University Union in the fall of 2015!

-Xavier Carson