A New Beginning

As the semester comes to end, there’s a ton of students on campus excited to finally be done with classes and get a break. As for myself, it has certainly taken a while but reality is finally settling in for me, I will no longer be attending UNT. In a week, I will anxiously be waiting amongst the crowd of students to hear my name so I can strut my stuff across the stage. After 5 years (Yes, I admit 5 years), two universities, and a change in major, I will finally be receiving my Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance. It is exciting to finally be done with 17 years of school but nerve wrecking and quite unbelievable too.  I’ve had friend after friends ask me “Are you ready?” something I don’t really have an answer too. I’ve started worrying more about what I am going to do if I don’t find a career or a place to live.  The troubles of finding the perfect location to settle down in between family, friends, and my future job have increase.  I’ve also noticed some of my priorities have changed. I’ve been more focused on just finishing the race than partying it up.  I’ve also started focusing more on the friendships that truly mean a lot to me. In terms of my sorority, I’ve started stepping back more after being so actively involved and letting others take the lead.  It’s hard to believe that instead of having time to take a nap during the day or at my part-time job in hopefully less than 3 months, I will have made the transition to the “real world” and no longer be in the bubble that is Denton. Although, I am excited of not having exams, finals, project, etc., I know I’m going to miss it all. But I know I’ve left my mark at UNT, whether within my sorority, the other organizations I’m involved in or working for the Union Master Plan. In a few years when I come to campus, I will be able to see the fruition of all my hard work. The new and improved Union will be available for students to use. Something I helped to get passed after countless hours of distributing information for students to be better informed.  I’m thankful to have had so many opportunities to give back for future generations at North Texas.

Anacely Ledezma
Social Media Marketing Assistant

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