NT Daily Article Includes Relocation Study

An article in the Thursday, April 5 edition of the NT Daily included an article about the relocation study of the Union and information from the Dean of the College of Visual Arts and Design, Robert Milnes.

Milnes is quoted, “We talked for months about the possibility of modular buildings. What they’re doing is really quite wonderful.”

A detailed press release from the UNT System includes photos of the facilities and includes data such as space allocations, and support. As the article states, “the building will accommodate CVAD with about 4,000 square feet of additional classroom space in comparison to the college’s space in Scoular Hall, where students are sometimes forced to leave cramped classrooms to work on projects in hallways.”

A copy of that press release with details and photos can be found here: https://untunion.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/proposed-union-relocation/.

The full story can be found on the NT Daily website, www.ntdaily.com or here: http://www.ntdaily.com/?p=65024

The referendum vote to fund a renovated and expanded Union through an increase in student fees is on the SGA ballot during election week. Elections take place April 2-6 on the SGA website, sga.unt.edu/voting.

For more information about the master plan, including design concepts and the transformation videos, visit union.unt.edu/masterplan.

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