Information about possible modular buildings

Dear UNT Student,

Thank you so much for visiting with me this week and asking questions about the union as it relates to Scoular and Stovall Halls. I know you are anxious for information about your programs. I researched answers to the concerns that you shared and I hope that this information will help ease your minds. We were also able to have some images of similar structures used on college campuses across the country. Please keep in mind that these are concepts, and that formal designs have not yet been determined. The dean of your college and department heads have met, and will continue to meet, with University administrators to meet the needs of your important programs. In addition, I forwarded your request for a student forum and information sessions to the university administrators that are working with Scoular and Stovall Halls. They thought that would be great idea as well.

Here is the information about the possible modular units that you were concerned about:

–          A University System project manager has reviewed the spaces list & white papers provided by each department. She has also toured Stovall & Scoular (including the fashion collection) to confirm the special space/equipment needs.  This includes the needs for specialized flooring, vent hoods, technology, special plumbing and electric, HVAC requirements, and custom built-in storage. The System project manager conveyed all of this information to the CMAR and modular manufacture and confirmed that the modular units are capable of handling these requirements and can be tailored exactly to the needs of each program in these spaces. Please don’t let your mind hinder the possibilities of what these spaces will look like.

–          The fashion collection will remain accessible to students with specialized environmental controls, insured, and delicately transported to the new location in a seamless fashion.

–          There will be  further discussions regarding the TRB application for the CVAD building in the near future. The Provost and dean of your college can provide you with an update on its progress.

 More meetings are scheduled to take place next week to continue the discussions. Like we discussed on Tuesday and Wednesday, I would encourage you to speak with your professors and dean about your wants and needs. They should be communicating with you. I will keep an ear out for a possible student forum and pass along that message to you. If you have any other questions please email and I’d be happy to set up a time to meet with you in-person to hear your concerns and help address them as best I can.