Floor by Floor Concepts

Featured Highlights:

Clear Way-Finding 
Natural Light & Openness
Sustainable Design
8% more Public Space & Lounges 
4% more Bookstore  
50% more Food Service & Entertainment 
47% more Auditorium & Meeting Space 
68% more Student Organization Space 
22% more Student Affairs Space
Highlights: 24 hour access to computer labs, convenience store, restaurant concept, coffee shop, and student organization spaces. Larger, more student-friendly bookstore layout, lots of natural light, and lounge space. Can see from the first floor up to the forth floor, open and welcoming feel.
Highlights: More than 50% more dining space, expanded dining options, outdoor lounge and seating spaces, entertainment spaces, retail option spaces, access to Lyceum, seamless entry to/from the ESSC, quiet study spaces, additional spirit and traditions throughout, centrally-located information desk at “Union crossroads.”
Highlights: 24-hour access to student organization spaces, technology-rich meeting spaces, student organization storage spaces, senate chamber-style meeting space, larger multipurpose spaces, additional meeting rooms/lounges open for students, access to mezzanine of the Syndicate and the Lyceum, open lounge space.
Highlights: Green roof allowing entertainment space, technology-rich meeting room, additional lounge and quiet study space, union administration offices, ability to view all four floors, roof top lounges, and sustainable systems.