An Explanation of the Union Referendum Voting

Morgan Ray, Speaker of the Senate for SGA

This Wednesday will be an important vote for the SGA Senate.  We will be voting on the Union referendum.  When the referendum is brought to the floor, we will have a reading of the bill.  This simply means that a Senator will step down, and we will read the bill throughout its entirety.  After the reading, we will have a question and answer period.  This will be a chance for senators to ask questions regarding the Union plans.  These questions will be answered by UNT Administration, members of the Union Master Plan Committee, and members of the Senate External committee.  After the question and answer period is over we will go into a period of discussion.  Every senator has the ability to speak twice on the bill.  This rule will keep people from repeating their points.  After there is no more debate, we will take a vote on the bill.  Where we see most confusion is over what this vote actually does.  A vote “yes” in senate means that your senator believes it should come before a student vote and that students should decide on the matter themselves.  A vote “no” by your senator could mean that they believe they have talked to enough students to form an opinion on behalf of your college.  For the Union fee increase to come to a student vote this April, we need 30 senators to vote “yes” on this referendum.  If the Union Referendum passes at Wednesday’s meeting, then it will be placed on the ballot for students to vote during the week of April 2nd through the 6th.

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