You’ve Got the Green Light! by Jayleen Watson

Hey Mean Green!,

Wow! A green light to greatness! I don’t know about you, but Monday’s unveiling of the new tagline and goals for the university makes me excited about the future of UNT. It’s pretty awesome walking around campus hearing the feedback from students, faculty and staff. What’s more awesome is that people think John Legend suggested the new line! May that go down in Mean Green history as the greatest almost-truth ever!

All joking aside, I actually write to bring you a personal update from the Union Master Plan Project. We are still hard at work with Perkins+Will to create a building that works for all students. We’ve seen some renderings and they are incredible. The end of this month will bring some exciting visual updates that I’m sure students will appreciate. The student voice is very strong in this and we don’t hold back. When we talk, the architects listen. It’s such a great relationship!  That relationship only gets stronger with more student involvement. To date, over 6,000 students have given input into this process! While that number is great, there are still many voices that have not been heard. We want and need yours to be a part of the legacy-building of UNT!

With that, I’m giving you the “green light” to get involved in building your new Union! Here are four opportunities to join the process:

  1. March 7, Student Forum – 11:30AM-12:30PM Silver Eagle A
  2. March 14, UnionFest Student Forum and Presentation – 2:00PM Syndicate
  3. March 28, Student Forum – 5:00PM Golden Eagle Suite
  4. March 29, Student Forum – 9:00AM Silver Eagle C

Oh, and all of these fine events will have free food! Building a new Union and getting fed? Success!

We are always on campus making sure that you know about this project (shout out to all the classes, dining halls, dorms, orgs and others that have hosted us!). As co-chair, I want to see you pack out these forums. Bring your friends, roommates, co-workers—anyone that has an idea of what they would like to see in the new Union. Can’t come to a forum? You can always like our Facebook page and leave your ideas there or tweet us! We love the feedback!

Alright. You know what to do. Now go get your iPod, play John Legend’s “Green Light” and dance like nobody’s business. I think we may have found our new unofficial theme song, people.