Limited Student Space by Jade Kendle

Being the President of the Progressive Black Student Organization and also a Campus Life Ambassador in the Student Activities office, I definitely see a need for more student organization meeting and event space and storage here on campus. For PBSO, we are always looking to bring something unique and fun to our members and with limited special event space and larger rooms, this can be difficult at times. Especially for performance based student organizations like Glee and Steppers For Christ, finding adequate space that caters to their interests is a nightmare. There are numerous student organizations that have 100+ members keeping important materials in dorms/apartments such as personal information, tri-folds and posters, and exclusive information pertaining to the organizations work. Storage for these materials throughout the year and from year to year, is a huge problem and can get very disorganized and a lot of times, lost.
Student organizations give us the opportunity to work as a team and learn professional skills in a somewhat real world environment. It would be amazing if there was conference space for executive meetings and retreats with sufficient technology that could really give students the best experience when running their organizations. Also, a problem that student orgs run into is the availability of rooms on short notice. Sometimes things come up and students want to meet in the safe environment of our campus, but it’s too late to fill out paperwork. Having space that is on a “first come, first serve” basis would be incredibly beneficial for students.

Jade Kendle is a junior, majoring in Development and Family Studies.  Although she is a military brat, her home base is in San Antonio, TX.  She is involved in various organizations like PBSO, NAACP, and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.