Quotes from the last Focus Group!

“I just wish there were more places to sit down and study.. like maybe tables. I know there are eating tables, but maybe just more.  There never seems to be anywhere where I can go, eat my lunch, and maybe study.  Maybe a quieter place.”

“Just something that is convenient and comfortable.. good couches.. not someplace tucked in some noisy spot.”

“A facility for us to go to with computers in it. A nice, quiet area where we respect everyone, and you be quiet. You don’t want to talk on the phone really loud, and it’s just kind of like a little getaway if you want to do your homework. If you want to do your assignments on the computer, you can. Sometimes as an adult you need to get away from all that noise. You have that at home so, but this is school.”

“One learning commons or one study room that is just for non-traditional students.. set up with computers, with a coffee pot. We’re adults. We’re not going to come in there and break it or steal it.”

“I’d like to have some quiet areas with study carrels because it seems like there is no place you can go where there is no music, no talking, none of that stuff. Rather, I’d like to have a true quiet area, even quieter than the library, where I can stay focused on doing homework.”

“Actually, it would be nice to have some sort of food options that aren’t geared toward the kids. It’s always pizza or fried foods.”

“Also, more plugs so you can use your computers. You have 20 people fighting over a few plugs, or trying to find a spot where it’s convenient.” – “Not a bad idea to increase the broadband strength.”

“I’m trying to keep myself from going home, because I don’t live that far. I try to keep myself in between all my classes and keep from going home. I would like to just stay but there is nowhere I can go and focus.”

Some places with couches and things being occupied, they can get redirected somewhere else, or we can have more of those couches open up because I may want to take a nap.”

“I was noticing that there are a lot of two person conversation areas, and it seems like everybody picks one seat in a two conversation area.  And then, of course, you don’t want to invade their space, so you look for another.  There aren’t any single areas generally to sit.”

“A space for us to maybe go in and do work.. just take some time out and not so loud would be ideal.”

“It does seem like there is a lot going on. Sometimes it’s nice to have it all going on, but then sometimes, it’s hard to focus because there is so much going on.”

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