Leaving a Legacy, written by Jayleen Watson

Yea!  I’m so excited to share my first blog as chair of the Union Master Plan Committee!  If any of you know me, you know that I absolutely love UNT!  It really is an honor to take part in such an influential project that is for everyone!  Ok, I’ll try to kick my excitement down a notch so I can actually make sense.

When you’re on a committee like this, you go to a LOT of meetings.  Last week, I finally caught a glimpse of how they were starting to work together.  While attending a Faculty Senate meeting, I listened as Dr. Warren Burggren skyped from China about the university going to new heights.  He spoke about pride.  He spoke about synergy.  I was so pumped!  Then I realized this wasn’t the first meeting where pride and synergy had been used.  The light bulb finally came on. 

We, the UNT community, are witnessing a great synergy. Think of all the firsts we’ve accomplished just this year both academically and athletically. Think of the literal transformation of this amazing campus with the additions of the Business Learning Building, Life Sciences Complex and Apogee Stadium—the first LEED Platinum stadium in the country!  These things didn’t happen on their own.  There was a common belief in who we are—in what we are. There a desire to collectively manifest that belief. As I go to each Union Master Plan meeting, I see and meet so many people ranging from non-traditional students to chancellors to vice-presidents. We’re there because we have pride in our university and we desire manifest it! 

Whether this is your first semester as an Eagle or you’re ready to soar up out of here, the Union Master Plan Project represents all of us. It speaks to our greatness—past, present and future. It’s bold and ambitious. It’s nods to our history and gives a great, big high-five to the awesome journey ahead! It really is our project.

I’m sure your asking, “how is this ‘manifestation’ supposed to happen?”  Well, friends, that is up to you.  I encourage you to fully engage in this project—come to meetings, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed.  If you see me on campus, stop me and ask questions (I’m pretty friendly!).  Oh, and don’t forget about all the great events and giveaways—I’m all about the free t-shirt!

This is a chance for you to leave a legacy at UNT.  Yes, a legacy. Wow, who doesn’t want to do that?




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