Master Plan Committee member: Lea Sarodjo

1.      Name:

Lea Sarodjo

2.      What is your current employment? Are you a student?

Multicultural Center Student Assistant

3.      What collegiate degree(s) have you attained and/or what degree(s) are you pursuing?

International Studies.

4.      Any long term career goals?

Working for the government or embassies and working with counter terrorism.

5.      How were you able to have the opportunity of being a part of the Master Plan Committee?

Working as a rep. for the Multicultural Center and voicing opinions about the underrepresented students on campus.

6.      What is the most rewarding aspect about working as a member of the Committee? How do you think it will benefit your career path in the long run?

Being a part of a new UNT and seeing the change on campus.

In the long run, this will help me with team work and how to put ideas into actions.

7.      How has your past/current education and employment prepared you as a member?

8.      What are your overall goals for the Master Plan Project as a member of the Committee?

To not only get approved but also to see students as excited as I am about this project and seeing it completed.

9.      What individual skills do you believe are necessary to be a part of such a team?

Communication and team work. I like talking to people about the possible ideas of the Union as well as listening to other people’s ideas.

Your Union. Your Voice.