Master Plan Committee member: Krystal Roy

1.      Name:

Krystal Roy

2.      What is your current employment? Are you a student?

Emerald Eagle Financial Aid Consultant.


3.      What collegiate degree(s) have you attained and/or what degree(s) are you pursuing?

Pursuing a degree in Interior Design, Minor in Spanish.

4.      Any long term career goals?

Open own firm that provides affordable design.

5.      How were you able to have the opportunity of being a part of the Master Plan Committee?

Being involved on campus.

6.      What is the most rewarding aspect about working as a member of the Committee? How do you think it will benefit your career path in the long run?

The opportunity to provide student input on a project that will impact the future.

The oppotunity to engage with architects and ability to interact.

7.      How has your past/current education and employment prepared you as a member?

I am pursuing a degree in Interior Design; I will be able to better understand the overall process on what is necessary/required.

8.      What are your overall goals for the Master Plan Project as a member of the committee?

Create a place where people want to become engaged, involved, and interactive.

9.      What individual skills do you believe are necessary to be a part of such a team?

Responsibility, passion, devotion, innovative ideas, possibility.

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