Master Plan Committee member: Ciara Tristan

1.      Name:

Ciara Tristan

2.      What is your current employment? Are you a student?

Student Assistant UNT Office of Greek Life.

Student- yes.

3.      What collegiate degree(s) have you attained and/or what degree(s) are you pursuing?

Bachelor’s in Social Work

4.      Any long term career goals?

Pursue a Master’s Degree in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education. My ultimate goal is to become a Dean of Students.

5.      How were you able to have the opportunity of being a part of the Master Plan Committee?

My involvement in the Student Government Association allowed me to be a student representative.

6.      What is the most rewarding aspect about working as a member of the Committee? How do you think it will benefit your career path in the long run?

The most rewarding aspect is seeing our (student’s) ideas being put into action and being accepted by UNT faculty and staff. Career-wise, being involved in such an extensive project will be very beneficial.

7.      How has your past/current education and employment prepared you as a member?

Being in such a diverse educational community has allowed me to really understand all the different perspectives of the members and have an open mind.

8.      What are your overall goals for the Master Plan Project as a member of the Committee?

My primary goal as a member of this committee is to provide as much student input so that we can create a Union that will serve all students’ wants and needs.

9.      What individual skills do you believe are necessary to be a part of such a team?

You definitely need to have an open mind to all of the opinions in the room. There are many different people, representing different aspects of UNT, and we all have different points of views. It takes an open mind to put all of our ideas together and put it into action.

Your Union. Your Voice.