Master Plan Committee member: Zuri Guerrero

1.      Name:

Zuri Guerrero

2.      What is your current employment? Are you a student?

I am a Resident Assistant for UNT Housing.

3.      What collegiate degree(s) have you attained and/or what degree(s) are you pursuing?

Bachelor of Arts in Biology.

4.      Any long term career goals?

My life/career goal is to be accepted into dental school and help those less fortunate in need of dental work.

5.      How were you able to have the opportunity of being a part of the Master Plan Committee?

I got the opportunity of meeting Zane at UNT’s first Leadershape. He presented the committee idea, and I asked to be a part of it!

 6.      What is the most rewarding aspect about working as a member of the Committee? How do you think it will benefit your career path in the long run?

I think the most rewarding aspect is being in a room with people who want to make a positive change and improvements to the University and students.

 7.      How has your past/current education and employment prepared you as a member?

I believe my education has prepared me to be open to all possible ideas and changes. My employment has definitely helped prepare me with constantly meeting new people and having and open mind to who they are and what background they come from.

 8.      What are your overall goals for the Master Plan Project as a member of the Committee?

My overall goals are to have a positive influence on the committee as a whole and just leaving a mark for future eagles!

 9.      What individual skills do you believe are necessary to be a part of such a team?

I believe the individual skills that are needed are an open mind, positive attitude, being able to communicate openly with others, and having fun!

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