Master Plan Committee member: Dani McArthur

Dani McArthur1.      Name:

Dani McArthur

2.      What is your current employment? Are you a student?

UNT Union Building Manager;


3.      What collegiate degree(s) have you attained and/or what degree(s) are you pursuing?

Associates in bakery/pastry;

Junior Hospitality Management major pursuing a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management.

 4.      Any long term career goals?

Event planner for nonprofits.

 5.      How were you able to have the opportunity of being a part of the Master Plan Committee?

Through my time at Leadershape, I learned about the committee and reconstruction idea.

 6.      What is the most rewarding aspect about working as a member of the Committee? How do you think it will benefit your career path in the long run?

Being a part of such a big change on campus and being a voice for students now and future. I think being a part of this widens my leadership skills and shows that I am willing to speak for a group of people and voice my opinions for others.

 7.      How has your past/current education and employment prepared you as a member?

I have been a manager and am a hospitality management student. Both of which have shown me the workings of a company and body of people towards better objectives.

 8.      What are your overall goals for the Master Plan Project as a member of the Committee?

I hope to really be able to voice student opinions and being a voice for the committee back to the growing campus we have.

 9.      What individual skills do you believe are necessary to be a part of such a team?

Leadership, openness, cooperation, communication.

Your Union. Your Voice.