The University Union places new touch-screen information maps on each floor

To help keep our Union up to date and to better serve you, the Union is equipping itself with 5 new touch-screen information maps conveniently located on all four levels closest to high traffic areas. Currently, there are two locations that are live, one by each information center on the first and third floor. The screens rolled out in the month of September, with more to come in the near future. These large monitors offer a wealth of information that may help you find your way around our University Union, including but not limited to the following:

  • A directory feature that allows you to look up important contacts by name and office
  • Today In the Union is available by one touch to select event information
  • An interactive map that allow you to find locations of rooms and events happening in the Union
  • The “map it” feature gives turn by turn directions to your destination
  • The wayfinding screens are in addition to the interactive digital network that is already installed in the building, providing real time updates on event locations and advertising for events and campus announcements.

More than 17,000 people visit the Union every day, including new visitors to campus. With multiple entrances, it is often difficult for individuals to find their bearings when they walk in, and these touch screens will help to easily acclimate themselves to the Union. Information on these monitors are maintained by the Union Marketing Office. For assistance, please visit the info center or building managers office with questions or comments.

These screens are in response to feedback from many focus groups and the annual Educational Benchmarketing Institute’s assessment.