Student Testimonials and Opinions: What the Students Want…


Last week, on Sep. 28th and 29th, the Union Master Plan Committee held a contest that incited UNT students to engage in sharing how they feel about the current University Union and what they would request in a renovated/reconstructed Union. Roughly 500 students varying by age, major, etc. participated in order to voice an opinion and have the chance of being randomly selected for the $250 prize. The Master Plan Committee uses these types of student-engaged promotions to gather the voice of the student population of UNT, the true decision-makers of the Master Plan.

A decent majority of all of the suggestions, comments, and opinions regarded dining options and services. The Master Plan has been aware of this shortcoming, and changes are being made to all things related to dining and cafeteria space in the Union.

“More affordable, healthier food options.” David Ramirez

“More choices for the cafeteria, such as more outside restaurants.” Jason Pearce

“I like that the food court is reasonably priced.” Ke’Undra Mumphrey

“I would like to have a bigger cafeteria with more food options.” Mariel Javier

The current Union was built to serve 17,000 students, so it is falling short in providing an appropriate amount of space for the large UNT student body of 40,000. The comments and concerns related to space and area proved the inadequecy.

“I want a larger venue for alumi and current stundents to meet and share ideas about real world application of course work.” Patrick Mitcham

“More places to eat, and more places to sit.” Daniel Schur

“More seating in the courtyard with a familiar, friendly environment.” Lya Thomas

“Lots of seating, lounge to lay down and take a nap between classes.  An area for each department to display research work as of date you have to go to that individual depts bulding to see what is going on.” Amy Eugster

There seems to also be a need for an abundance of lounge/study areas, places for relaxation and leisure, and generally a more entertaining Union.

“I would like to see a more quiet study area,similar to a coffee shop. Also I would lie to see live musical performances in the 1 o clock lounge, maybe classical or jazz music. I would also like to see a Panda Express and more resturaunts. I also think there should be a Starbucks or Dunn Brothers coffee shop because Einsteins is way too overpriced for the quality.” Arlena Joy Moonan

“More places to watch sports, quiet areas, cheaper and healthier alternatives for food, a stage.” Damon Arredondo

The Master Plan Committee makes decisions with the students in mind and as the driving force to the project. Architects have been selected and will be under contract in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for updates about the design and find out how to get the first peek at the new concept!

YOUR Union. YOUR Voice.

“Whether you are studying, chilling, or just passing through, the Union always has something new and interesting to offer every day!” Nicholas Brown