From your Assistant Vice President of Campus Life…

What does a Union mean to me?

Over the course of my life a union has been “the place to be”, a meeting place, where my office resides, the place to eat— a building in the shape of a community.

What does the master plan project of the University Union at UNT mean?

The discussion  has evolved into representing the values of UNT: sustainability, community engagement, spirit and traditions, student focused ideals, diversity & inclusion,  technology & innovation, celebration of the arts, first class research & learning, FUN, and so on!

The Master Plan Project of the University Union aims to be a pace with the UNT student.  The UNT student seeks inspiration to try new things, create new things, and learn new things.

I am proud to have the “Peter Pan” career through which my destiny is to help students find theirs.  And the Union helps make that happen!  Because of the Union, lonely students make friends, veterans are honored, students receive tutoring, French fries make people smile, student organizations come alive, and believe it or not, lives are being changed.

Student support services that represent every aspect of the cycle of college life from orientation to ordering your graduation robes—all happen in the union.

What would University life be without a Union?

The Master Plan Project represents what UNT is about—your Union.  Your Voice.


Dr. Mona Hicks

Assistant Vice President, Campus Life 
1155 Union Circle, #305069
Denton, TX  76203