The Union Gallery

UNT’s University Union hosts visitors everyday. It is important that what they see in the Union reflects the diverse and culturally expressive UNT community. The Union’s Gallery provides students, visitors, etc. the opportunity to witness the genuine talent and artistic nature of various individuals within the UNT community. It also teaches students, who wish to display their artwork to the public, the processes neccessary to apply for an exhibit, plan a show, and all else involved.

Since 1976, the University Union has hosted various exhibits and shows to display artwork primarily by UNT students and alumni, but also foreign and local artists.

Shayne Murphy






Diedrick Brackens





 Jenny Stauss


Monday – Saturday: 6:45am to 10pm.
Sunday: Noon to 10pm

Located on Floor 3 of the University Union.





Visit the Union Gallery webpage for more information, the list of upcoming shows, or a gallery exhibit application: