September 11th

It has officially been 10 years since the World Trade Center terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001. I remember the day fondly, I was in my 7th grade math class. The school day had just begun and our teacher kept coming in and out of the class, we could hear her talking with different teachers.  We weren’t told right away what was happening rather our teacher just turned the TV on and let it do the talking.  She couldn’t explain it to us in simple terms without us asking a million and one questions. I remember immediately becoming scared that something was going to happen at my school.   Although at the time, I did not understand the severity of what was happening, I knew it wasn’t good.

Ten years later, the entire picture isn’t all that clear.  We lost thousands of Americans that day.  Families lost fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, and so much more. We all have mixed opinions about the 9/11 Commission Report and war that resulted since.  However, if one positive thing resulted from 9/11 is proving that despite that many idealogical perspectives we have, we all can come together, as a country, for the benefit of those suffering.  Do you remember all the articles that came after such as the one below:

Where were you during 9/11?  How old were you?  How do you feel in the years since?

If you would like to participate in the Unite II Remember postcard drive that UNT was hosting, please contact The Center for Leadership and Service.  The center is located on the 4th floor of the Union and shares space with the Greek Life Office.