An Expanded Union for an Expanding Student Population

Current trends among college and university populations show substantial growth and other changes in college enrollment. As the nation’s population expands, as does higher education enrollment. Not only does the number increase, but student populations are diversifying like never before. Each university and higher education institution must adapt to population growth by renovating and remodeling facilities to fit the larger body and being able to efficiently provide each student with the valuable resources expected from universities.

Between 1999 and 2009, full-time enrollment increased 45%, and part-time 28%. Full-time enrollment increases will result in more on-campus or near campus living situations. Not only will more apartments and residence halls be necessary, but an expansion of all facilities and campus resources should follow. A college union must reflect the size and needs of the current student population.

Greater numbers of older individuals (35+) are enrolling in university course. From 1988-2008, enrollment among  45-49 year olds has grown by 86%. This rate is twice as fast as the increases in younger students.










Student populations are becoming more dense in minority enrollment. This is clearly true within the state of Texas as there has been an 8.3% increase in minority student concentration. The nation’s college campuses are becoming more diverse than ever, and this includes the increase in various cultures and lifestyles. If the University Union is the center for campus life at UNT, it must clearly represent cultural awareness and noticeably embrace many types of lifestyles through dining, student activities, events, etc.