UPC President shares his thoughts

My name is Taylor Bailey and I am the President of the UPC and I have had the opportunity to work on projects and events throughout the union. The University Program Council is a student run organization that puts on many events for students throughout the year. The majority of our events happen in and around the Union. Our events range from movies to speakers to dance series. With the various events we put on, it’s crucial for us to use spaces that will have the most room for students to enjoy the experience. Right now the amount of space we have for the events are hit or miss. Sometimes the venues are too large or too small for the event, but we have to make the event work no matter the venue. It would be nice if the Syndicate was larger to hold more people. Right now when you have a band there is even less room because of the limited size of the room itself and the pool tables. Also most of our events happen inside the Union, but residing in Texas we could possibly do more events outside. If we had more venues with an outdoor balcony or just more places near the Union with performance space we could get more creative with our events. I also think it would be cool and beneficial for the Union to upgrade the technology in the Union. By improving the technology students can be more aware of what’s going on and UNT can increase being a green campus, because less paper would be used if announcements are being presented on computers. Besides putting on events we also have meetings with our volunteers and executive staff in the Union. Many times we have had meetings in which there wasn’t enough space for people to sit down and enjoy the meeting. Having various sizes of meeting rooms would benefit not only us but many student organizations on campus. For the Union to continue serving its purpose as the hub of student life on campus, we need to improve many aspects of the Union starting with the space and the technology used within it.