When will students actually see the Master Plan Project taking shape within their University Union? What to expect…

The Union Master Plan Project has been marketed and advertised on campus, within social media outlets, and through other mediums. With so much talk of the project moving throughout the UNT community, the Master Plan Project should start showing its effects on the facility by now, right? Well….. keep in mind that the project was planned and established roughly four years ago, and up until recently, the Board of Regents approved the Master Plan Committee to hire architects who will soon begin designing and executing the renovations upon the facility. It is unclear when these renovations will take place, but noticeable effects of the Master Plan are in the near future. The Committee will review the architects’ proposals in September and select the architect responsible for the design and composition of your new University Union.

For now, here is what you can certainly expect when the Master Plan makes its visual impact…

-A facility designed to provide enough space for the growing UNT student body. Crowding is an obvious issue as the current Union was constructed to serve only 17,000 students. No more claustrophobia!

-Larger dining areas; more cafeteria space. You won’t be forced to eat outside in 100+ degree heat when there will be plenty of tables and dining space.

-More dining options. A wider selection of food and drinks will be available, including many unique ones such as vegetarian/vegan choices. Current establishments such as Einstein Bros. Bagels and Green Mountain Coffee will remain.

-More and larger lounge spaces. this includes couches, tables, desks, chairs, and study areas. The University Union should be a student’s favorite place to relax between classes, so it is important that there are appropriate spaces and resources to benefit a student as they relax, study, socialize, etc.

-Plenty of computer workstations and printing availability.


Your Union. Your Voice.

You can check out more of an overview on what to expect at www.union.unt.edu/masterplan.

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