The Association of College Unions International

With a mission to build a greater sense of community and cultural appreciation among college campuses, the Association of College Unions International, or ACUI, is a nonprofit organization that gathers and unites 570 college unions across the nation and seven different countries. Founded in 1914, the organization identifies 11 “Core Competencies” that it provides for its campus unions. These competencies range from management and common business practices (marketing, fiscal management) to community-related strengths (student learning, intercultural proficiency). The ACUI utilizes their abilities to better develop each college union within the association.

The ACUI’s mission highlights community:

“The Association of College Unions International supports its members in the development of community through education, advocacy, and the delivery of services.”

UNT’s University Union and the ACUI carry much of the same values and priorities. ACUI’s mark on the UNT University Union is rather prevalent.

According to the Association of College Unions International, ‘the union is the community center of the college, serving students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. By whatever form or name, a college union is an organization offering a variety of programs, activities, services, and facilities that, when taken together, represent a well-considered plan for the community life of the college.’

The ACUI has helped the Union to develop programs and activities that accentuate social, cultural, and intellectual development. The Multicultural Center and other organizations/services within the Union undoubtedly carry with them those similar intentions of community development.

It is campus community on which both the UNT University Union and the ACUI concentrate. Through joint efforts of both the nonprofit organization and the campus union, student activities, programs, and services are established to provide students and the community with the opportunity to grow within themselves and among the community.

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