Renovation of the University Union: How it benefits UNT and YOUR DEGREE

You may feel that it is unnecessary to voice your opinion about the future of the University Union because you do not care, will have graduated before completion of the facility, or believe that renovations will not directly benefit you or your investment in a college education. Do you feel that the Union Master Plan provides little benefit to the University of North Texas as a whole?

This is what the Union Master Plan intends to signify to each student, UNT, and your degree!

  • ADMIRATION : Bringing recognition and admiration to your degree from UNT by attracting the very best and brightest in students and faculty.

As the University of North Texas continues to upgrade its facilities and construct new sustainable buildings, the University itself recieves more recognition and notability. This results in outside attraction to a wide array of potential faculty and prospective students. UNT would then be recognized for educating some of the best students in the nation educated by the most talented professors and teaching personnel. If UNT is noted for consisting of some of the nation’s top students and faculty, then each North Texas students’ degree, current or future, is worth much more.

  • SUPPORT : Opportunities to provide vital support systems that the Union has been unable to delivery because of lack of space.

Support systems include services and offices for students and their needs. The Union Master Plan sets expectations for more office space that will provide students with educational, financial, and social services as well as areas designated for student organizations. The University Union will virtually be a students’ one-stop center for any sort of campus assistance or service.

  • EXPANSION : More space to connect, eat, study, relax, reflect, and be a part of the campus at UNT.

The current Union was constructed to serve up to 17,000 students, but the student population of today has hit roughly 40,000. The new Union will include enough space for dining, leisure, and socializing for the entire UNT community. The University Union should be the center for campus life and events. As space increases, student activities and events will become more abundant in not only space but also attendance. 

  • PRIDE : Centralized home for UNT spirit and tradition, a home for the vibrant history and diverse community at UNT.

Numerous symbols of UNT spirit, tradition, and pride will surely be included within the Union’s upgrade. Such symbols represent UNT as not just an admirable institution but a diverse community consumed by pride, dignity, and commonality.

  • LEGACY : Leaving your mark on history at UNT. Make a change for the future.

Be proud to know that your generation of UNT students is helping to refine the University into a greater institution for the future. Every student has the opportunity to voice his or her opinion on the Union Master Plan. The Master Plan Committee wants to hear from the UNT community in order to address what must be changed or not. The Union Master Plan is truly student-driven.

For detail about the Master Plan, click here to visit the Union Master Plan webpage!

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