Notes from the Master Plan Student Forums!

After the three Master Plan student forums, which took place on August 2nd and 3rd, over 110 students left numerous concerns, opinions, and comments that have provided the consulting team and Union staff with a huge amount of insight to the needs of the UNT community.

Here are some notes and comments from those meetings that the Master Plan Committee and consulting team will use to drive their agendas for a better University Union.

Dean of Students area, Student Legal Services, and Center for Leadership and Service:

It was asked to allow for a specified area for students to receive levels of support during crisis and in the midst of any other issue. This area would be easily accessed but also entirely private. Also, deeper security for staff and community was requested for the Dean of Students area due to the number of student conflicts that are to be resolved in this area.

The Student Legal Services area continuously has more students waiting in line than there is time and resources to be at their service. Currently, the lawyers offices must be closed, so there is clearly an extreme lack of resources and space.

The Center for Leadership and Service area is currently located on the fourth floor with no visibility to students. This must be changed in order to produce more traffic to those offices. Volunteers would surely increase if students had more convenient access to this area.

Campus Life and Student Activities:

It may be necessary for larger office spaces for student organizations as 400+ student organizations are crammed into eight different offices. On the topic of campus and student life within the Union, student space and activity areas should be located in a more cohesive and appropriate manner. Areas dedicated for spiritual and religious purposes were also asked to be featured within the new Union. The Union was asked to feature larger ballrooms with a green room for performance purposes and rental space.

Maintenance and the Facility:

The workroom should not be located by the Lyceum because classes are held there, and work is haulted for class sessions. A large amount of technical and facility systems upgrades must be implemented because current ones are virtually unreliable and out-of-date. Included with technical upgrades, better lighting and sound systems are necessary for improved performance experiences within the One O’clock Lounge.

Work space, Dining, and Storage:

Shared work rooms and conference spaces were requested in order to have common areas for better productivity. This would cut costs and allow for community development.

Better and more secure storage areas for personal and financial files. This would prove the Union to be a safehaven for all things related to student needs and requests.

Expanding dining options was also a common concern.

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