Campus Security and the Union

As the Union Master Plan unfolds upon the UNT campus, Union adminstration and staff discuss and decide on appropriate measures for security and safety within the facility. It is vital that each area of campus is properly secured and prepared in the case of an emergency. This includes plans and preparation for staff and students as well as security integrations within the campus’s facilities themselves. Here is a look at some of the aspects of today’s college campus security. This blog entry intends to inform the UNT community of the various crime prevention strategies and efforts in order to choose the most appropriate measures for the University Union.

1. Emergency Phones: Several emergency phones are located throughout the UNT campus. The campus police department expects many others to be installed. These phones are intended to connect an individual on campus to the UNT police department if he or she is in an emergency, wishes to report suspicious activity, or is involved in other troubles. Maybe the University Union should hold these phones in the near future.

2. One-button Lockdown System: Currently, the UNT campus does not have this type of system integrated within any facility, but the new University Union may include such a system. This system allows facilities to lock-down during an emergency (i.e. those in the building may exit, and those outside cannot enter).

3. Armed Security Personnel and Police on Campus: The new Union may keep portions of the facility open during all 24 hours of the day. Security during night hours may be vital. Not only that, but it may be necessary to require armed police to continuously patrol and stay on alert at the Union facility during both night and day hours.

4. Security Cameras: As the University Union becomes the true center for campus life, it may be necessary for the facility to hold various security cameras that the campus police department will use the surveil the Union.

5. e-ride Late Night Transportation Service: Currently, all students are able to call the e-ride service to receive free transportation between locations on the main campus, Discovery Park, Mean Green Village, and Victory Hall. If the Union is to be open 24 hours per day, the e-ride service should accomodate by providing 24-hr transportation and escort services to and from the Union and areas nearby/on campus.

Call (940)565-3014 for the e-ride Late Night Transportation Service.

6. Armed Attacker Procedures: As expected, the UNT Police Department develops procedures and plans in the case of an armed attacker on campus. However, it would be even more appropriate to inform and educate students on what actions should be taken during such incidents. Not only would this be necessary for the new University Union but among each facility on campus as well.

7. Other Emergency Procedures for Students: Like armed attacker procedures, other emergency procedures should be addressed to the entire UNT community. Students and staff should know what action to take during all types of emergencies and incidents. UNT may need to host an education campaign that informs the UNT community of the procedures, precautions, and actions appropriate in all instances of emergency on campus.

(click for the UNT Police Webpage) —– University of North Texas Police Department —–

The UNT Police Department is located in the Sullivant Public Safety Center at 1700 Wilshire St. in Denton, Texas, neighboring Mozart Square Residence Hall and Sack-n-Save.

Contact Information:

Emergency phone 911
Main phone 940-565-3000
Fax 940-369-8788
Location & Mailing Address
The University of North Texas Police Department
Sullivant Public Safety Center
1700 Wilshire St.
Denton, TX 76201-6572

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